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The pieces to make everything complete. 


Whole Home Audio

Control your entire music library with our audio systems. Stream to rooms of your choice, or the entire home. Take advantage of our free "send us your plans" service to receive a customized audio plan. 


Basic System

A multi-source, 2-channel (stereo) amplifier is shared across 1-4 volume controls. This is often the best solution when you have four or fewer rooms and require only moderate listening levels. Works great with or without an existing home audio receiver.


Mid-High Level System 

Feature-packed, easy to install, and incredibly affordable. This system consists of 6 infinitely expandable zones which you can individually select from 6 sources such as your smart phone, iPod, DVD player, etc. Or, easily get into party mode and turn on all zones from one source. 


Choose from an all-in-one 6-Source/6-Zone controller system with a built-in multi-channel amplifier with a maximum of 60 watts and 4 speakers per zone; OR add even more power to each zone by selecting just the controller with an external 12-channel amplifier. Need more than 6 zones? Within any zone, you can always add more amplifiers and speakers to the pre-amp outputs. But if you really need more than six unique zones, just use more than one set!


The system includes 1 contoller/amplifier; 6 keypads, 1 remote, IR accessories and RCA patch cables. 




Background Music


We have multiple audio controllers to connect to your existing

sound systems. Touch screen, built-in wifi, supports various audio

files, radio, and digital record are some of the options available.


Contact us to find one that's right for you.  















Home Theatre

 Transform any room into a Unifed home theatre.



Your entertainment, your way. Have a TV marathon, watch your movie collection, power up your video game console or stream from a media provider. Control everything with one remote and watch from various sources or browse through them all. We can install projectors, screens, audio, or the entire theatre.  


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